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What exactly is an B/C ? (Bicycle Club)

A BICYCLE CLUB consists of men and woman that understand true BROTHERHOOD and RESPECT. As a B/C member, we have jobs, families, and homes just like your average person. We not only ride together, but we are true friends, “we love each other as brothers” if you will. We
ride together, party together, assist each other when the need arises, offer a place to stay for a brother
passin through, provide food, drink as well as entertainment. We will lend a hand getting a brothers bike
repaired or loan him one of our bikes. Members in an B/C are “extended family”.We assist and host some
fund raisers or poker runs to benefit kids, veterans, cancer or other worthy causes. A REAL BIKER could be
your best friend in a time of need.

How do i become a member ?

First of all you have to ride some kind of custom bike.

We do not seek to increase membership by handing out patches or becoming a “mail order” club.

If you contact us with interest in joining we require that you meet us. If the club agrees, we may invite you to hang around (as a guest) and ride with us, attend some parties and rides and see what we are about. (we do ride and put on some miles, after all, isn’t a bike meant for riding ?) We also have a forum, joining and posting there would help in the progress.

More importantly, we need to get to know you. After a period of time, if you fit in, you may be invited to “prospect”. Prospecting is a probationary period in which you will discover what true brotherhood is. It takes time, but anyone that is serious about joining, certainly has the patience to endure his test of time and the dedication to accomplish the required tasks asked of him. When and if the club members decide you are ready, trustworthy and dedicated, then you will become a “patch holder” or full member.

Will I be hazed as a prospecting member?
No! We do not ask our prospects to do anything that would not be required of a full member.

Can I start my own chapter

Only full patch members of Cruizados BC can start a chapter.

If there is no chapter to join in you area there is the possibility to join the club as a nomad member. if there are enough members in your erea a chapter can be started.

Can girls join the club

Yes. Our club is open to both male and female members.

Do you all make your own bikes?

Yes we made our own bikes to what they are today.

Some of us build our bikes making the frame from scratch.
Some of us bought a frame and build the bike up from that and some of us bought a stock bike and modified it to our liking.

All bikes have a unique style. Some are built at the lowest cost possible (the ratbikes) some are built with high end parts. But all are made to be driven.