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Michiel became full patch member today !

Michiel received his patch today From Belgium Chapter Pres Stino and VP Danny

Tim full member of the US-Nomads

Its an Honor to welcome our brother Tim as a full patch member of the Cruizados Bicycle club. Tim has been a blessing to have around and a sure asset to have as our family!!! Welcome Tim!

US East Coast Chapter Opened

We are proud to announce the opening of our US East Coast Chapter !

Beth and Matthew Full patch member

Beth and Matthew received their patches from Stephen Yesterday at the¬†Cruizados Nomads “End of Summer South Side Ride”.

Congratulations !

Slow competing at Custom Builders Challenge OBC 2016

We are very proud one of our member is competing in the “Custom Builders Challenge” at OBC 2016.

Lowlife Bike’s and the OBC welcome you to the “Custom Builders Challenge” Held at the upcoming 2016 OBC in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a custom cruiser bicycle build off between six different builders.
Our contestants are:
Jimmy Peek- the champ
Joe Cavaliere
Randy Blackledge
Lance Tudor
Danny Hazlewood
and, Chad Morgan as our wildcard

Start date of September 1st.
Unveiling and judging at OBC 2016. Dates to be announced soon.

Just a few rules:
Bike must be 100% complete, original, and rideable.
Bike must be rode, and finish a ride at OBC.
No motors of any kind. pedal power only.
Atleast frame must be one off and built by entrant.
Must have brakes.
On Sept 1st I will give the builders a theme, color, part, what have ya that they must incorporate into the build. This will make things a bit more creative. And, hopefully keep people from
And as a little bonus to the winner he will have an automatic buy-in the following year if and when he loses.

See all the details at the facebook group:


We would all like to wish Slow good luck !

Beezie full patch member

This weekend Beezie received his patch from President Slow. Welcome Bro and congratulations

New prospect for the Dutch chapter

The Dutch chapter welcomed a new prospect yesterday. Welcome Kenny !

US nomads new prospect Tim

The Cruizados US nomads have a new prospect !

Welcome Tim !

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